Young people connected

We are partners with Giovani Conconni, a project of education to technology and promotion of experimental paths able to encourage learning by stimulating new forms of expression, different languages and group work practices.

The project is developed in eight macro activities aimed at adolescents between 11 and 17 years old who share the same difficulties related to change, identity formation and self-esteem, and the desire to experiment.

1 million

children living in absolute poverty in Italy

2 million

children living in relative poverty in Italy

Giovani Conconni was born with the aim of reducing the digital divide and the phenomena of dropout and school dispersion, promoting well-being, inclusion and motivation to participate in digital learning. During the three years of activity, the process of mutual learning will trigger an exchange of knowledge between territories, experts and actors.

We have done a lot, but together we can do even more

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