We connect universities and schools to favour the dissemination of high quality knowledge in a simple and accessible-by-all manner.


University's world is a great container of knowledge often too closed in himself.

The University world contains and produces high-level, high quality knowledge, which often remains inside the university walls. Schools need high quality knowledge because the world is changing rapidly, textbooks become quickly obsolete, and students deserve a fast and updated learning process.

Speakezee is a web platform that connects Universities and Schools. It is the world's largest searchable database of expert speakers. At its heart is the desire to help speakers engage with their audience and to make it easier for organizers to find relevant experts to talk at their event, whatever the size. It also allows speakers to showcase talks, share materials and collect evidence of impact from the audiences in the form of comments and discussion.

If you are a public school, you can use Speakezee to invite the best speakers to talk on a topic of your choice in your classroom. There is no charge for using this service. How does it work? Speakers create a simple profile, which focuses on subject expertise and speaking experience. Speakers list a talk they can give or have given in the past. Add materials they might want to share - papers, slides, videos or even a soundcloud podcast.

Schools, teachers or event organizers can find and shortlist speakers using a quick and simple search. Once a school or a teacher has found the perfect speaker, they can send an invitation to speak at their event. The Speakezee admin team will review the request and forward to the speaker. The best profiles will include recordings of previous speaking events.



If you do not find what you are looking for, drop us a line at admin@speakezee.org and we will see if we can find the right speaker for you.

The project is supported by the Italian Ministry for Education and is becomes possible thanks to the collaboration with university professors, post docs and PhD students, young researchers working at University. It is also open to managers, experts, professionals who want to share their knowledge and experience.

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For more info contact us at info@hforhuman.org

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