We help diffusing ideas and best practices that stimulate innovation and change in schools and universities.

Studies and reports

We collect here the best studies and researches on education and related innovation.
We survey blogs, university publications and reports from international organisations to give teachers the possibility to become easily and quickly updated on the evolution of schools around the world.

Digital Skills: New Professions,
New Educational Methods, New jobs

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Education on students
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The Digital Talent Gap
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Digital Education
Action plan
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Digital competences
inspiring resources 2017
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The Digital Talent Gap
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Driving innovation
in Education
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Citizenship Education
at School in Europe - 2017
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Digital Competence of Educators
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ICT in STEM Education
on teachers
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A4AI - Alliace for
Affordable Internet
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H-IS Innovation

We encourage our students to take full advantage of the digital tools while nurturing their social skills and creativity, as our Digital Learning Coach explains.

H-IS Where your future starts

At H-International School we teach our students they have the potential to change the world.

Exploring the Early Years Unit

Our journey begins with the Honey Bees, Busy Bees and Reception Classes. Children are the real protagonists of our EYU Programme where we encourage relationships, cooperation and creativity!

One day at H-International School

Humanity and technology match in our educational programs: we aim to grow students who are courageous, curious and able to use the most innovative tools to achieve their goals.

Best practices

Share with your colleagues your best experiences with students. If you are an innovative teacher, the HforHuman Foundation offers visibility to your ideas and initiatives. Through our website and network, your innovations in education will be disseminated all over Italy and the world. You can share videos, texts, presentations that highlight your proposals or experience to improve learning processes at school.

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