Our objectives

We favour the development and diffusion of a digital culture in the world of education.
We aim to make innovative education programs accessible for all, thanks to the grants offered to students in partnership with important companies and organizations.

To achieve these objectives we believe that innovative education methods must be developed into schools and universities, giving teachers new tools and competencies. The gap between education and work must be reduced through experiences that bring students closer to the jobs of the future, and society must become less unequal, by giving students grants and financial support that enable all of them to benefit from the best courses and schools.

We are well equipped to face these challenges because born inside H-FARM, the most important Italian innovation platform, supporting the development of new firms through its acceleration programs, and the transformation of important companies through its consultancy activities.

In addition, H-FARM has recently focused on impact investing and social innovation by launching new education programs, new learning platforms, and by integrating innovation in entrepreneurship with innovation in education.

Cultural events and workshop

The Foundation organises cultural events and workshops for schools and their teachers. It helps students to become familiar with their future jobs by organising visits and internships in digital companies. It enhances knowledge dissemination through public lectures, conferences, events where innovative startups meet students.

Research programs
The Foundation supports research programs and experimentations that enhance education with digital tools. It offers training programs for teachers of public schools. It brings knowledge and practices developed inside the university world into schools.
International relationship

The Foundation favours the development of new experiences and the contacts between different cultures, because diversity is the seed of innovation and positive changes.

The statute of the Foundation

Here you can consult the Statute by law of the H for Human Foundation.

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