Hurting for beautiful mind

Applications are open for Hunting for Beautiful Mind with four scholarships for the high-school of H-FARM International School

A total value of over one hundred thousand euros, distributed through four scholarships to allow bright and deserving students to access our international school in different ways.

Two consist of a 100% subsidy of the tuition fees and boarding service, divided as follows: 1 100% scholarship for the MYP4 to DP2 pathway (4 years), 1 100% scholarship for the DP1 and DP2 pathway (2 years) - to access them, it is necessary to have an ISEE under or equivalent to thirty-five thousand euros per year. Another two grants will guarantee a 30% reduction on the total tuition fee, again divided between the entire High School course (4 years) and just the final two-year DP1-DP2 course.

You have until 24 April to apply!

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