We give students and teachers the possibility to discover new worlds and to experience creativity and innovation.

We offer students of all schools in Italy and Europe the possibility to visit H-FARM, to learn about the process of launching a startup, and to meet with young startuppers.

It's a way of getting closer to the innovation world, to learn about an innovative company accelerator and the ecosystem of new startups being developed at H-FARM.

Students will discover the secrets behind the success of companies such as Facebook or Amazon, and will be offered an overview of the jobs of the future, and how to develop the skills they will require.


Workshop in H-FARM

A full day immersed in the H-FARM's ecosystem. Focus of the day: the workshop on how technological innovations are transforming the labor market and its future prospects. The aim is to provide participants with incentives to discover and investigate new skills needed to deal with change. The day can be organized on request with a minimum of 15, 30 or 45 participants.

Visits of schools

A morning to get in touch with the H-FARM world in its different declinations, from those related to digital startups, to those related to innovative training, through the new scenarios that technology opens to the choices of each one. The visit is free and takes place on days of the year established.

If you are interested in one of our school packages for your school please contact us and we will be happy to explain our paths in detail.

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Summer Programs

Discover the Summer Programs of H-FARM Education: a unique set of teaching classes dedicated to university students and designed to make experience new methods and skills to apply in personal projects.

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Would you like to spend a few months to study abroad? Would you like to organize your gap year before starting your university studies? For example, by living and volunteering in India or in Indonesia? In Mexico or Peru? Or would you like to spend 10 weeks in San Francisco?

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Are you interested in studying in the US? Visit Exampal, a web platform that helps you to prepare the admission tests. Exampal provides online, personalized test prep that automatically fits you.

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It helps students achieve their maximum potential in all International Baccalaureate subjects, giving them the opportunity to improve their grades with the support and close monitoring of a personal tutor.

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Alternatively, do you want to learn more about yourselves, the world around you, and how you can take full advantage of your undergraduate education?

Visit Gapglobal

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