Brain Matters

The first years at the center of children's cognitive development

What it takes for children to get the best possible start in life and reach their full potential? Why is it that some children thrive while others do not? Is it a matter of genetics, IQ, socioeconomic background or education?

Carlota Nelson, in her groundbreaking documentary “Brain Matters" answers these questions in an enlightening globe-trotting journey about what truly helps make children realize their full potential.

Together with H-FARM, we are proud to host a private screening of the groundbreaking documentary that will be opened by the director Carlota Nelson.

Since June 2019, the film has received a strong endorsement from international scientific and educational communities, combined with growing accolades from private screenings. Public and private sectors alike have embraced Brain Matters as a landmark documentary and it is ready to be shared with the world

The documentary film, commissioned by the Genesis Foundation, features the latest science on early brain development. It also includes commentary from cutting-edge researchers, educators, economists, and scientists working in labs, leading research institutions and classrooms to better understand how children’s earliest years shape and define each year afterward. The film also demonstrates how scientifically-based, quality early childhood development programs provide opportunities for all children to thrive.

The trailer may be viewed at this link:

The event is free, but registration is required:

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