The Digital Opportunity Traineeship Initiative



As member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition we are involved in providing university students with the tools and skills necessary to find employment above all in the digital field.

In December 2017, the European Commission announced the Digital Opportunity Traineeship initiative to provide internships in other European countries with up to 6,000 students and new graduates between 2018 and 2020. The goal is to offer students of all disciplines the opportunity to gain a direct digital experience, in areas very required by companies.

The Digital Opportunity Traineeship initiative, funded by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 program and implemented through the success of the Erasmus+ program - also activated through the activities of H-FARM Education - will allow 6,000 university students and new graduates to gain valuable work experience in digital skills through internships abroad with companies and other organizations in the two year period 2018-2020.

The areas of competence concern traineeships in IT security, data development, the installation and maintenance and management of IT systems and networks, the optimization of search engines, digital marketing and other technological fields.

Anyone who wants to adhere to the opportunities provided by this European program can directly contact the Placement office of their university institute, which has joined the Erasmus + program.

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